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Two Year Anniversary!

We are so grateful. In 2016, Harris and l decided to start a small business. We completed our business plan, designed a logo, registered the business, and reserved possible website domains. For one year, we kept reviewing and revising the business plan.  Family played an instrumental part for Harris and myself. We thank God for my brother and his wife for taking all our unannounced visits to crash, used their time to help with kids, eating their food, and more. We will continue especially now that we are close. My mom, dad, and youngest brother for trips down the highway to pickup and dropoff kids so we can make rental deliveries and pickups. The encouragement from my FIL and MIL pushes us. Every rental has a story behind it. It is physical work with cuts and bruises. It's not easy.  In May of 2017, l remember making a long drive trying to decide on location to start the business. We researched targeted cities, visited the chamber of commerces, and banks for financial guidance. The Chamber of Commerce had so much information. They provided information regarding our business industry, accounting software, and more. The banker reviewed our business plan, asked questions, and said start small, review cash flows monthly, and don't sign for obligations you aren't able to risk.  We finally decided to JUMP. The website and phone line were setup. We ordered business cards and shirts. I took a day off my full-time job with Harris encouraging me to find some storage space. I drove what seemed like forever while l was on the phone with Harris. We found it! I walked into storage office. I asked for the smallest space they had available. I asked so many questions to ensure we were able to get out of it if necessary. Initially, we could handle 30 guest count events. I explained the business to the office manager. She smiled and said good luck! I felt encouraged after we spoke. We had a 25 square foot storage. We made it our second home. That same week, we booked our first event. A small outdoor wedding reception for 30 guests.  Fast Forward to January 2018, we expanded to 300 square feet storage. We were able to handle 200 guest count. We started reviewing the longevity of the business. We secured general liability insurance, invested in joining relevant rental associations, becoming more engaged via social media. We also secured relevant certifications related to our industry.  As May 2019 comes to an end, l have so many things to be thankful for this year. This past Wednesday, l was talking to one of my business vendors about the growth. We bought him so much linens for cleaning. He looked at our logo and pointed out the word "Boutique." He encouraged me to keep it in the name to remember where we started. Initally, the vision was to be able to accommodate a guest count of 100.  Now, we are moving towards 745 square feet. We can accommodate 300 guest counts. Only God. When a individual decides to go into business, remember there's a goal that that individual is striving to achieve. Uplift us. Share our posts and like us. Family and friends have sustained us and for that, l am grateful.  #eventrentals #partyrentals  #dallasrentals #dfwrentals #weddingrentals #centerpieces #bridalshowers #babyshower #weddings #brides #foldingchairs #linenrentals #floralarrangements #smallbusiness #chaffindishesrentals #reception  #eventservicesdfw #eventservices #partyrental #eventstaffing #waitstaffdfw  #party #corporateevent #caterer #birthdays

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